What is "HFPC"?

We are under the non-profit 501(c) (3) of Philippines. We normally take in abandoned children in our orphanages for a better future.  Our Vision as a non-profit is to help orphans and street children in Phillipines. Our objectives  is to provide shelter, school supplies, materials for recreation and others.  Currently we are working in Manila on collecting donations of the self-reported needs of the orphanages. Both of these  orphanages have legal registrations with the Phillipine Government.
We have been providing love and attention to the poor children in over 26 cities all over the country, as well as education, food and development social. Please help us. Anything is welcome: clothes, school supplies, food, your time or kind words, etc. They'll be much appreciated.

All funds raised (donations) are given to the children of the streets, the orphanages and the Elementary School in the Philippines.

Our mission
To bring individuals and other organized entities together to acquire for the educational and social development of the poor children of Haiti, it’s the mission of Hope for the Poor Children.

Shaq Photography ( SHOTS )

Well , I'm into photography 2-3 years ago but I'm not that serious in this business before. I only do the " point-and-shoot " technique and can't take some good pics until now.

The reason why I'm into photography is still unknown (LOL).

By the way , here are some of my shots ~

Just an Update and A post .

It's been a long time when I last posted here. Haha. Anyways , this post wont be that long because I'm just going to share my last acquisition. Here it is~ .

I Got Real Grade 1/144 Aile Strike Gundam, Sony a560 DSLR and Sony DT 18-200mm ( Sony Lens )

That's all guys, just to bump my blog. LOL thanks for viewing this one ~ 

W.I.P. : MG 1/100 Wing Zero Gundam Custom Restoration Pt. 6

Well, today is holiday here in the Phillipines, I don't have any schoolwork to do (just kidding, the truth is I have a large load of work . hehe) so I decided to add some progress to Wing ~

Added some plates on the wing part, primed the legs and changed the bow.

Progress ~ :